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Banana Bread Waffles

Sweet delicious banana bread waffle, a easier way to enjoy banana bread, batter ready in less than 10 mins, moist, tasty, perfect breakfast.

Orange Cardamom Pancakes

This cardamom orange pancake recipe will leave you craving for more. Ventray easy pancake recipe, taste better than ihop.

Cinnamon Sugar Churro Waffles

Churro waffle with the classical cinnamon taste, served warm buttery with cinnamon sugar. Perfect snack for the whole family.

Chocolate Waffles

Easy to make perfect chocolate waffles, crisp on the outside, rich chocolatey on the inside. The best coffee companion for any day WFH.

Cornmeal Waffles

Amazing cornmeal waffle recipe, healthy, delicious, simple breakfast. Golden, crunchy, a different texture than classic waffle recipe.

Chocolate Pancakes

Top off this amazing chocolate pancake recipe with chocolate ganache or our marshmallow chocolate sauce, top it off with nuts, fresh fruits. Taste like heaven.

Savoury Cheese and Bacon Waffles

The tasty savoury waffle with bacon, herbs, cheese, taste so good, the best Sunday brunch idaea for any weekend.

Churro Waffles with Chocolate Sauce

The perfect way to start a morning with these churro waffles. Taste so delicious you can't stop eating them.

Matcha Green Tea Waffle

Make this healthy, delicious tasty matcha waffle. It is super easy, ready to eat in 30mins or less. Nutrient rich and colourful waffles.

Classic Chocolate Chip Waffles

Celebrite weekends with this classic chocolate chip waffle recipe, Ventray stand mixer easy recipe stay home cook with love

Savoury Rosemary and Chives Waffles

Savoury waffles are the perfect dish for any weekend brunch. Make and share this Ventray waffle recipe.