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Peach Spinach Smoothie

Summer peach with fresh spinach makes one of the best tasty green smoothies. Healthy, lean, clean eating, make your body few light, and clean.

Yogourt Cake

Healthy diet friendly easy yogourt cake, taste delicious, moist creamy. Breakfast cake.

Keto Fruit Punch

Looking for keto fruits juice recipe, try this sweet sour tasty juice that will make your summer happier and fun with local grown fresh berries.

Turmeric Tonic

Anti-inflammatory juice for a healthier life style choice. Drink this weekly and feel your body change.

Apple Plum Smoothie

This tasty plum smoothie is the perfect mid-day treat or post workout snack for you to enjoy

Green Peanut Smoothie

Delicious nutty smoothie loaded with vitamins and omega to keep you goinng throughout your busy Mondays.


Make ahead soup that taste so good for any day of the week.

Pomegranate Orange Juice -Immunity Booster

Ripe the powerful healthy benefits from this pomegranate orange juice. Try ventray's recipe today. Stay home, juice to boost immunity, fight the flu, covid-19

Mango Punch

Mango orange strawberry lime sweet sour tropical stay home try new juice Ventray recipe delicious healthy natural juice amazing taste

Broccoli Baby Food 2 ways (10m+)

Ventray wants your baby to enjoy and ripe the benefit from a variety of fresh vegetables, so give this broccoli baby food recipe a try.

Grapefruit Diet booster

Grapefruit juice are tasty, sour, contains less sugar than orange juice. Try this and enjoy a diet friendly fresh juice for a change.

Prune Pomegranate Cleanse Juice

Prune juice, relieves occasional constipation, serve as a mild laxative, Pomegranate juice full of antioxidants, Ventray 808, Ventray 408 juicer recipe.

Pear Ginger Sparkling

Happy hour at home with friends and family, serve with them something they will never forget. Fresh juice mixed with vodka over rocks.

Green Detox Fight the Flu

2020 green healthy detox cleanse smoothie breakfast fast easy, chard, kale, almond butter, blend in Ventray 600 blender stay home stay safe COVID-19

Carrot Orange Refresher

Carrot fibre potassium healthy Ventray juicer recipe covid-19 juice healthy immunity boosting refresh body rejuvenate

Green Lean Health Booster

Drink this daily to feel clean, less bloated and energized. Cut down all the sugary drinks and switch to something healthy, refreshing and vegan.

Roasted Butternut Tomato Bisque

Easy to make, savoury warm creamy butternut tomato bisque is our favourite fall soup. With touch of sour cream parmesan cheese, the best tasty fall soup.

Fig Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Fruit flavoured goat cheese topped with fig and drizzeled with honey, there is no better way to serve bruschetta.

Avocado Spinach Smoothie

Avocado lovers' favourite smoothie recipe of all time. Try this and you will be hooked by the creamy rich taste, full of protein and vitamins.

Blender Coconut Milk Strawberry Banana Pop

Refreshing homemade popsicle blended with fresh fruit and coconut milk. Make your own healthy homemade popsicle from a blender.

Spring Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanse spring time get in shape body detox stay home try new Ventray recipe drink fresh eat healthy

Apple Lettuce Detox

Perfect juice to detox your digestive system and clear your guts after too much late night snacking and overeating on weekend summer parties.

Pumpkin Baby Food 3 ways

Ventray blender can help every mother make the freshiest baby food for their little ones.

V8 Tomato Juice

Trade this for your store bought V8 juice, fresh, no sugar, zero additives, healthy, vegan. Drink only rhe best jucie for your body.

Old Fashion Trail Mix Cookies

Bake these amazinng healthy tasty oat nuts dried fruit trail mix cookies, lots of fibre, great snack to bake during self isolation bake cookies eat health

Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup (Blender)

Chipotle butternut squash blender soup is one one of the best blender soup. Try it for a quick dinner recipe.

Apple Pie Smoothie

Half the fat but still a great taste. Apple pie smoothie with all the vitains for the day. Perfect breakfast recipe under 5 mins.

Spinach Maple Blueberry Yogourt Smoothie

Spinach smoothie, blueberry smoothie, smoothie bowl recipe, instagram smoothie bowl, easy smootnie recipe, breakfast smoothie recipe, homemade recipe.

All that Vitamin C smoothie

Sweet, sour, tropical smoothie that tastes amazing, add more frozen fruits of your choice to get creative with this smoothie.

Hearty Beet Soup with Boiled Egg

Pink soup that you can't resist. Perfect for any special occasion to seve and get creative with your toppinngs.

Cucumber Kiwi Juice

Enjoy this sweet, sour, green refreshment, espcially perfect for a sunny afternoon. Super easy, with only three ingredients. Serve with ice or ganish with mint

Summer Digestion Booster

Low cal, low sugar fruits, fresh juice, taste like you are on vocation in a nice spa. Treat your self to this tasty juice.

Red Detox

Treat your body with this tasty delicious juice from you Ventray Juicer, easy recipe, simple ingredients, ready in seconds.

Pear Spinach Smoothie

Fresh, delicious and this is a no-banana smoothie. Enjoy your day’s serving of great vitamins and nutrients. Chia saeed, mango, pear, almond milk.

Vitamin C Boosting Juice

Ventray's got the perfect Halloween juice recipe for you, vampire's blood. Sweet sour with a glowing vibrant red colour that's filled with antioxidants and vitamin C.

Cucumber Spinach Lemonade WFH Day Drink

Refreshing spring recipe, lemonade recipe, cucumber, drink recipe, cucumber lemonade, summertime refreshment, homemade, easy recipe, work from home,stay home

Blueberry Scones

Perfect tender textured blueberry scone. A healthy way to start your morning with our Ventray Stand Mixer recipe.

Tomato Carrot Juice

This sour juice with a hint of sweetness from fresh carrots is so healthy for you. This is the perfect drink after feeling under the weather or flu season.

Summer Breeze

Blend stir vodka in this fresh juice recipe to make this delicious summer vibe grapefruit cocktail. Serve over ice and fresh fruit.

Buttery Crunch Bar

Crunchy, chocolate toffee nut bar, easy to make healthy snack. Kids friendly, bake with ventray stand mixer.

Easter Bunny Juice

Easter recipe stay home cook with family enjoy healthy Ventray easy to make juice recipe carrots apples celery sweet spring taste feel good juice

Cornmeal Waffles

Amazing cornmeal waffle recipe, healthy, delicious, simple breakfast. Golden, crunchy, a different texture than classic waffle recipe.

Coconut Kale Smoothie

coconut, kale, smoothie recipe, smoothie bowl recipe, easy homemade recipe. Clean eating, diet, weightloss smoothie, easy to make recipe, Instagram recipe.

Strawberry Kiwi Juice

Ventray healthy juice recipe strawberries kiwi lemon fresh taste healthy stay at home recipe enjoyable kids favourite summer taste

Rhubarb strawberry smoothie

Sweet and sour, this healthy blender rhubarb smoothie is definitly worth trying.

Pear Delight

Spring fresh pear juice Ventray recipe stay home covid-19 immunity boosting vitamin enriched healthy detox cleanse best detox weight loss friendly

Honeydew Mix

Sweet, detoxication and works as a diuretic. The perfect summer juice for any BBQ parties.

Pear Smoothie

Spiced pear smoothie, fruit of fall season, a delicious way to start your day.

Blender puffed pancake

A homemade blender recipe for puff pancake, no more flipping, just blend and bake. So easy you won't believe it can taste this good.

Watermelon Chill Cocktail

Vodka watermelon cocktail refreshing summer drink made with 4 ingredients, super healthy, low calories. Best summer cocktail drink.