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Summer time mix fruit milkshake

Enjoy a mix fruit milkshake with your Ventray blender. Try out this vitamin rich recipe for a healthy milkshake.

Cherry Fizz

Summer is the perfect time to make your dessert with fresh cherries. This cocktail infused with cherry juice taste amazing and refreshing.

Key Lime Pie (Quick& Easy)

The perfect combination of sweet and tart, this key lime pie is mouth watering, perfect for hot summer days. Easy and quick recipe.

Apricot Pop

This summary popsicle is easy to make. Try out Ventray Blender recipe for a great way to enjoy apricot on a stick.

Peach Tart

Serve with ice cream, freshly made whipping cream frosting. This rich tasty peach tart is perfect for how summer days.

Mother's Day All Day Recipes

Celebrate this year's Mother's Day at home, cook these amazing recipes, from breakfast, brunch, to dinner, with a nice dessert to top it off. Love and thank mom

Tropical Smash

This amazing tropical mix with richest sources of Vitamin C, taste so good you can't resist for another cup.

Honeydew Mix

Sweet, detoxication and works as a diuretic. The perfect summer juice for any BBQ parties.

Red Wine raspberry popsicles

Enjoy Ventray Blender popsicle recipe. Try this red wine mixed berries recipe.

Strawberry Tart

Want something small, delightful, airy, and light for dessert? This strawberry tart is the perfect recipe quick and easy.