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Ventray 600 Blender Dry Grind Jar 1L

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Quick Overview

  • Use for nut butter, date paste, puree, seed paste, and more
  • Measurements in both millilitres and ounces
  • Rotating arms helps blend sticker substances

Dry Grinder Container

Our dry grinder container is specially designed for grinding whole grains. This is useful for making flour and mixing batter. This makes an easier and faster blend for difficult and thicker substances.

Precise Measurement

Both sides are marked with laser like precision. One side of the dry grinder container are marked in milliliters and the other side in ounces.

Perfect for Sticky and Thick Blends

The dry grinder container for the Ventray 600 blender is designed to prevent sticky food from being stuck on the walls of the container. This makes the dry grinder container perfect for nut butter, hummus, date paste, puree, seed paste and tahini.

Easy to Use

The Ventray dry grinder container is simple to use just place it on the Ventray 600 blender base, add in your ingredients, place the rotating arms into the container along with the lid on top and blend. Keep the handle turned clockwise while blending to keep the ingredients moving.

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