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Ventray Pro 600 Blender

  • $149.99 
  • $129.99

Quick Overview

  • Powerful Commercial Grade Blender – A 1500W, 30,000 RPM motor with 8 speed settings can make your favourite milkshakes, smoothies, and so much more
  • Total Blend Control – Have complete control over blending speed with pre-programmed settings for a variety of cooking needs with the digital touch controls
  • Versatility – Stir, chop or puree ingredients to help create your favourite desserts, smoothies, soups and so much more
  • Timer and Time Display – Set and adjust the timer manually or through the pre-programmed functions
  • FDA recommended BPA-free – The Tritan blending jar avoids chemical contamination to your juices and allows for easy cleaning
  • One-year manufacturer warranty and Five-year Ventray motor warranty

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Commercial-grade Powerful Motor

The fastest RPMs working at a low decibel, the Ventray Pro 600 is a professional blender that can boast up to 30,000 RPM with its powerful AC motor. This commercial-grade 1500-watt motor empowers you with the confidence for everyday home kitchen use.

Total Blending Control, Ultimate Blending Performance

Maintain complete control over your blender with 8 various speed settings providing you the ultimate blending performance. Never slow down your performance. Blend with confidence as the Ventray Pro 600 has built-in overheating protection to ensure the motor does not burn out and you can keep on blending.

5 Pre-programmed Settings with Pulse Control Function

The fastest RPMs working at a low decibel, the Ventray Pro 600 is a professional blender that can boast up to 30,000 RPM with its powerful AC motor. This commercial-grade 1500-watt motor empowers you with the confidence for everyday home kitchen use.

Authentic Japanese Steel Blades

This top of the line original Japanese stainless steel blade combines with our powerful motor to bring you the best texture and taste by breaking down and mixing whole fruits, vegetables, ice and nuts for maximum nutrient and vitamin extraction.

  • Color:
  • Speed:
  • Wattage:
  • Motor :
  • Material:
  • Net Weight :
  • Dimension :
  • Shipping Weight:
  • Black
  • 30,000RPM
  • 1500
  • AC
  • Tritan, PC, ABS
  • 4.58 Kg
  • 47.2 x 24.1 x 20.5 cm (18.58 x 9.48 x 8.07 inch)
  • 6.08 Kg

Motor Base

Blending Jar


Blending Jar Lid

Ventray Pro 600 Blender

Download Ventray Pro 600 Product M


Question & Answers

Alberta Russell
August 15, 2017

Is the blade removable?

No, its not. For safety reasons, the blade of this blender is not removable.

Charlene Bryant
March 10, 2017

Can you make sorbet with this blender?

Yes. We have a recipe page for sorbet and ice cream recipes on our website.

Sandra Tilgner
April 09, 2018

Can I use the blender in New Zealand?

Hi there, unfortunately no, you cannot use a 110v blender in New Zealand.

Elfreda Ellen
June 18, 2017

Is this blender good for blending frozen fruits and ice cubes?

This blender is superb at blending frozen fruits. It is very powerful.

Sherry Lopez
April 30, 2017

Is the blender jar easily breakable?

No, the blending jar is made with Tritan plastic not glass, so it’s not easily breakable.

Blanca Hart
October 17, 2017

Does this blender come with a tamper?


Mariko Morita
March 05, 2018

How can I get the optional dry container which is described in the manual?

Hi there, unfortunately at this point the dry grind container is not available to purchase, it will become available in the fall. You can email us and we will notify you once this becomes available.

Shelly C
December 04, 2016

Is this blender BPA free?

Yes, the blending jar is completely BPA free.

Julia Tyler
April 02, 2017

Can you make nut milk with this blender?

Yes! Just soak the nuts over night, blend with water, then filter through a nut milk bag.

Christina Cruz
September 08, 2017

Is there a safety protection feather on this blender?

The blender will automatically shut off once the blending jar is removed from the base.

Blair M
August 20, 2017

What is the speed of this blender?

This blender runs at 30,000 RPM.

Sheryl Y
July 13, 2017

Does this blender make hot soup out of room temperature ingredients?

This blender can make hot soup. Using the soup function, the blender will blend the ingredients continuously for about 7 minutes and heat up the soup.

Theresa Murray
September 22, 2016

What is the voltage and watts of this blender?

This blender is 110V and 1500 watts.

Jessica Valdez
October 15, 2017

Can I make nut butter with this blender?

Yes, you can, for nut butter recipes. Please check out our Ventray Recipes site.

Sheri B
July 31, 2017

Can you blend soup with this?

Yes! The blender is designed with a soup function.

Victoria Vasquez
November 01, 2017

Can I use this to make baby food? I don’t want to buy a smaller blender just for baby food.

Yes, you can. It works well for pureeing fruits and vegetables.

Shayla Monna
November 09, 2016

Can you blend nuts and beans with this blender?

This blender is programed with a dry grind function. This function is designed to blend nuts and beans.

Romaine Kerry
January 27, 2016

Is it easy to clean out the blender?

It’s very easy, you can simply add warm soap water, pulse it, then rinse out.


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