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Ventray 809 Masticating Juicer

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Quick Overview

  • FRESH NON-OXIDIZED JUICE - crushes large chunks of fruits and vegetables at low speed of only 65 RPM to prevent oxidation.
  • PRESERVE HEALTHY NUTRIENTS - creates quality taste and texture while keeping vitamins, enzymes and beneficial nutrients.
  • ONE-BUTTON OPERATION, EASY TO CLEAN - minimal cutting required, easy to use, wide chute fits up to a whole apple, cleaning brush included.
  • FDA RECOMMENDED BPA-FREE MATERIAL - Ultem Tritan auger and food safe containers, perfect for babies, kids and adults
  • 5 YEAR MOTOR WARRANTY - 12 month original manufacturer warranty and 60 month warranty on the powerful motor

High-quality components

Many times stronger than the parts in your average juicer, we use only the best materials to ensure that your components will be attractive, durable and long-lasting.

Wide slanted feeding chute

Juicing doesn’t have to be tedious. Our wider tube design lets you feed a greater volume of fruits and vegetables to help reduce prep time and arm strain, while its slanted angle ensures that food never splashes upwards as it’s being crushed.

Pusher to aid feeding

Our handy angled pusher is designed to get food through the feeding tube quickly and easily.

Improved seed strainer and pulp separator

Get the smoothest, cleanest low fiber juices you’ve ever sampled. Our optional rubber stopper lets you decide whether you want your juice pulp free or not.

Tough corkscrew auger

Crush even the most stubborn produce. Hard nuts and seeds are no match for Ventray technology!

  • Type:
  • Rated Power:
  • Weight:
  • Dimension:
  • Low Speed Compression
  • 240W
  • 8.3KG / 18.3LBS
  • 490x270x220mm / 19.3x10.6x8.7in

2 Pitchers

1 Cleaning Brush

Ultem PEI Auger

Fine Ultem Strainer

Screen Scrapper

Juicing Bowl



Ventray 809 Masticating Juicer Manual

Feeding Tube Design Angled 3" Feeding Chute 3" Wide Feeding Tube Angled 3" Feeding Chute 3" Wide Feeding Chute
Remove Foams Fine Ultem Strainer, Additional filter accessory Fine Ultem Strainer Fine PEI Strainer Fine Ultem Strainer
Motor Upgraded Motor AC Motor AC Motor AC Motor
Protective Function Improved Protective Function Low-speed Masticating Technology Low-speed Masticating Technology Low-speed Masticating Technology
Juicing Performance Extract nutrients from soft fruits to hard vegetables, make fresh nut milk Extract nutrients from soft fruits to hard vegetables Works better with juicing fruits Extract nutrients from soft fruits to hard vegetables
Speed 65 RPM 60 RPM 65 RPM 65 RPM
Noise Low Noise Low Noise Louder Noise Low Noise
Different Power Surge Respond well when jamming Respond well when jamming Respond well when jamming
Recipe Newly updated recipes Recipe Book Recipe Book Recipe Book
Weight 8.3KG / 18.3LBS 7.3 Kg / 16LBS 6KG / 13.3LBS(compact juicer) 7.2KG /15.87LBS
Dimension 490x270x220mm / 19.3x10.6x8.7in 480x270x220mm / 18.9x10.6x8.7in 485x225x205mm / 19.1x8.9x8.1in 480x250x210mm/18.9 x 9.8 x 8.2in

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