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Peanut Butter Cookies

Old fashioned peanut butter cookie, bake it fresh at home and enjoy!

Walnut Banana Cake

Ventray's secrete ingredient to this amazing walnut banana cake is instant coffee, feel free to use any susbtitute of your liking.

Cacao Cookies with Hazelnut

chewy healthy cacao cookies that taste amazing. Easy quick Ventray recipe flourless recipe.

Basic No-bake Granola Bar

The perfect back to school recipe. Add your favorite nuts, dried fruits to turn this into your favorite granola bar recipe

Banana Chocolate Date loaf

This Ventray banana loaf recipe is rich in fiber, and egg free. Enjoy the nutty sweet taste with a hint of cocoa.

No-bake granola bar variations

Try out these two different variations of the classic no-bake granola bar for more inspired taste.