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Immune Booster Shot

Immunity Boosting Juice Healthy Breakfast Juice


Here is a good healthy way to spend time at home, cook with Ventray. Try out these recipes and upgrade your cooking skills. Or just juice with us. If eating healthier is a bit hard to do under all the stress and isolation, start with a simple juice recipe. Staying hydrated and drinking freshly made juice is a good start to a healthy body and mind.

Try our immune booster shot, simple ingredients, quick and easy. Swap your day wine to this lovely drink. Netflix and chill with Ventray.

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  1. 1 apple
  2. 2 lemons
  3. thumb size ginger
  4. 2-inch turmeric root
  1. 1 tsp honey (optional)



  1. Wash all ingredients
  2. Peel and dice apple
  3. slice lemons into large wedges
  4. Juice alternating between ingredients
  5. Serve immediately

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